Our Systems

Timeline System


The Timeline Tracking System is a simple to use yet robust program that allows you and your team to keep on top of every aspect of producing your event.


  • Administrators create tasks by combining a job, category, team member(s), start date, due date, location, notes and even add attachments.
  • Team members access and update their assigned tasks through an easy to use interface, including completion dates, adding notes and attaching documents.
  • Search and edit tasks in bulk - both admins and members can quickly and easily update timelines, including a super-fast one-button completion function.
  • Event directors monthly reports with automatic email reminders and full admin report output functions.
  • Team member weekly automatic email reminders for past due and coming due tasks.
  • Update and / or reset entire event or multiple events with one click.
  • Clear, color-coded view of tasks done, not done, less than a week due.
  • So much more...

Medical Tracking

Medical Tracking

Track your participants during an event and monitor real-time information from first contact through discharge. Keep highly detailed medical data or use as a simple com tracking system.


  • Can be used directly linked to our Participant Database system for an incredibly efficient event workflow or as a stand-alone system.
  • Real-time participant tracking of as many events as you like, all at the same time and same day.
  • Pre-flag participants for HIPAA waiver refusal so medical personnel will correctly adhere to guidelines.
  • Includes a module for your info booth volunteers to keep family and friends informed if participant is admitted to the system without violating HIPAA guidlines.
  • Robust report system including spreadsheet, pdf and USAT report output.
  • Quick, at-a-glance status reports including event archive.
  • Pre-event training features so you can train local medical directors pre-event.
  • And much more...

Participants Data Systems

Participants Database

Centrally master your participant data from sign up through the event. When the event is done, keep archives for future reference, statistics and media background information.


  • Full add, search and edit capabilities. Keep your event participants data centralized and accurate in real time.
  • Create custom reports or use the report presets for lightning fast output on screen and download to spreadsheet.
  • Use the report system or our Quick Data button for instant statistics for the media or your PR department.
  • Links directly with our searchable participants list system on your website to provide real-time display for your athletes.
  • Hourly auto-download API from your registration company, like Active.com.
  • Full event archive that even allows you to move participants to a current event.
  • And more...

VIP Registration System

VIP Registration

Register your sponsors, special guests and any other VIP and then master and output data for credentials and event planning.


  • Create your events and then assign a year, event type, VIP areas or functions and more.
  • Create VIP blocks for each of your events and then assign company, number of passes, functions for access and other necessary information.
  • Each VIP block gathers information on each member VIP. Clients can come back to register their VIPs as they become known and can add or delete their VIPs within the number of passes granted up until you close VIP registration.
  • Each VIP client must register a point person in the signup so you always know who to contact at each company or VIP block recipient.
  • Quick look page lets you see your VIP list, how many passes granted, how many used, point person, event, authorized functions, and more.
  • Admin can add, edit and delete any information from the panel.
  • Create VIP lists for as many events as you like and for any current or future year. You can even move entire VIP lists from one event to another and / or from one year to another.
  • Output lists of your VIPs with all the data needed to print badges or other credentials and use the spreadsheets to track everyone with VIP access.
  • And more...

Volunteer Registration System

Volunteer Registration

Register and manage your event's volunteers easily and efficiently while also managing your volunteer captains or directors including all of the job areas under their command.


  • Full-featured sign up form that gets all the information you need to organize and administer your event's volunteers.
  • Enable sub-from feature so your Captains can create and maintain area-specific volunteer information, or disable it for a simple sign up form.
  • Robust search feature - choose display fields, dates, jobs or any terms you want in any columns or all columns then sort by any column.
  • Output records to spreadsheet for distribution or external use.
  • Create, edit or delete jobs and job areas, control general settings, form status, general information displayed to applicants, Captain's logins, event rollover, waivers, page title and sub-title.
  • Create news updates that show up on the registration page.
  • Automatic archiving at event rollover for future reference.
  • And more...

Staff Tracking System

Staff Tracking

Maintain complete information on your event staff, both present and past, including postiton and title history.


  • Full search, view, add, edit and delete functionality.
  • Setup and track staff history in unlimited events.
  • Dozens of preset reports for one-click output or create your own custom report.
  • Output data to pdf or spreadsheet.
  • Automated output for printing shipping labels or gift bag labels.
  • Even keep fields of specific information like shirt and shoe size for gifts and staff uniforms.
  • And more...

Searchable Results System

Searchable Results

Have a live, searchable results database, including unlimited archive, with a small code embed on your public site for your particpants to use.


  • Super easy to put on your public event site. Just a short bit of code to put in your page. Also can be included on any site hosted by us.
  • System search allows multiple events and years from a single user interface.
  • Printable results page (spreadsheet output coming soon).

Event Schedule System

Event Schedule

Have a very versitile and centrally editable Schedule Of Events page on your site that is live to the public as soon as you make updates.


  • Create event items with date, location, start time, end time and description.
  • Move, duplicate, edit and delete any schedule item quickly and easily.
  • "Intelligent" interface knows the day of the week from the date entered and also will automatically place any edited item into the proper day of the week.
  • Participants see a live Schedule of Events on your site and can download a pdf or csv for spreadsheet.
  • Add unlimited events that can all go to different websites under your company's banner.
  • Add unlimited schedule items under each event.
  • General Info box for generic information and instructions relating to the Schedule of Events that is not date-related.
  • Critical Alert box for urgent messages relating to the Schedule of Events such as last-minute changes so your participants don't miss important updates.

Event FAQ System

Event FAQ

Put Frequently Asked Questions on your website with as many categories and questions as you want, sorted and displayed in clean drop-down expanding tabs.


  • Create FAQ items with question, answer, sort priority and event website that it will be on.
  • Edit, add and delete any schedule item quickly and easily.
  • Participants see a live FAQ system on your site that updates in real time whenever you make changes from the admin.
  • Add unlimited events that can all go to different websites under your company's banner.
  • All email addresses or web URLs in any part of the FAQ automatically become hot links in your page.
  • All events for a single company accessed from a single panel with a "sort by site" feature to quickly see and administer FAQ items specific to a certain event's website.

Event Latest News System

Event Latest News

Put a Latest News feed on your websites when you don't use, want or like the clunkiness of the Facebook® or other social networking feeds.


  • Clean and well integrated into your public websites without the big blocky box and other advertising and required features of social media feeds.
  • Keep your website looking like your website and not a surrogate for a social media site while maintaining your social media rankings. You keep all of your share buttons from your social media accounts in a smaller footprint that is much cleaner on your site.
  • Allows you to cleanly keep your information fresh to your participants with a super-simple admin system.
  • Participants see a live news feed on your site that updates in real time whenever you make changes from the admin.
  • Add unlimited events that can all go to different websites under your company's banner.
  • All email addresses or web URLs in any part of the Latest News automatically become hot links in your page.
  • All events for a single company accessed from a single panel with a "sort by site" feature to quickly see and administer Latest News items specific to a certain event's website.
  • Automatic archiving at an age you determine. Archive items stay available to site visitors under an Archive tab at the bottom of your news feed.
  • Users never have to leave the page for the full article. The title and opening paragraph are shown and a simple click on the "more" link folds down the entire item body. Click on the "less" link to fold it back up to summary mode.

Website Menu Board

Website Menu Board

Put a live Menu Board on your websites for listing just about anything in a clean and ordered style and includes a section for notes or special information.